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Vinshine Audio was founded in Singapore in 2008 by Alvin Chee, who had a profound passion for audio electronics from an early age. Alvin graduated with an Honors Degree in Computer Engineering (ECE) from the National University of Singapore. Over the years, he delved deeper into his passion, even DIYing cables, DACs, headphone amps, linear power supplies, and more.

With his expertise in audio electronics, Alvin established Vinshine Audio with a mission to deliver high-quality audiophile components at an exceptional balance of price and performance. The company quickly gained recognition globally for its dedication to excellence and innovation in the audio industry.

Vinshine Audio has since become a premier destination for audiophiles seeking top-tier products and exceptional customer support. The company continues to expand its offerings and uphold its commitment to delivering the finest in audio equipment to enthusiasts worldwide.

Alvin Chee, Founder

Meet Alvin, the brains behind Vinshine Audio, based in the lush greenery of Singapore.

Alvin's journey started with an Honors Degree in Computer Engineering (ECE) from the National University of Singapore.


From a young age, he's been hooked on audio electronics, tinkering with everything from cables to DACs, headphone amps, and linear power supplies.

His knack for audio wizardry has earned him acclaim worldwide, transforming his passion into a thriving business venture. Alvin's story is the ultimate inspiration of turning a hobby into a successful entrepreneurial pursuit.

Angie Ng, Finance

Angie is the backbone of our financial operations, handling finance management, record-keeping, and financial reporting with precision.

With a Diploma in Accounting from KAPLAN Singapore and 15 years of experience as a Senior Account Executive in a local SME, Angie brings a wealth of expertise to the table.

Throughout her career, she has mastered accounting tasks, AR/AP management, administration, and conducting crucial financial analysis and reporting.

Angie plays a pivotal role in maintaining the company's financial health, ensuring our cash flow and P&L statements remain robust. Her dedication and proficiency are invaluable to our team.

Ken, GM

Ken has been an invaluable addition to our team since joining us after graduating from Heriot-Watt University with a Bachelor's Degree in Quantity Surveying. As our operations expanded, we needed someone reliable to manage the increasing workload, and Ken has proven to be the perfect fit.

He takes charge of managing the KINKI STUDIO and serves as their front-line representative.

Despite being new to the audio industry, Ken's enthusiasm and diligence make him a standout worker. He embraced the challenge wholeheartedly and even set up his first high-quality stereo audio system, thoroughly enjoying the journey ever since. We're lucky to have him on board!

Annie, Logistics

Annie plays a crucial role in our team, primarily overseeing and coordinating with manufacturers to ensure smooth stock movement and maintenance.

Her main task involves meticulously organizing the distribution of goods, ensuring that orders are fulfilled accurately and efficiently.

Additionally, Annie takes charge of liaising with manufacturers regarding RMA, repairs, and servicing, ensuring seamless communication and resolution of any issues that may arise.

Our Team