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Warranty Policy

At Vinshine Audio, we meticulously curate our product selection to ensure the highest standards of quality, meeting the discerning requirements of audiophiles. This entails a rigorous evaluation process focusing on both sound quality and durability.

We maintain stringent expectations for manufacturers, insisting on adherence to our exacting specifications and good manufacturing practices. Every product undergoes thorough Quality Control and Quality Assurance measures, including comprehensive testing using world-class audio analyzers such as the AP525, conducted by certified engineers. Additionally, each item undergoes a minimum of 100 hours of factory burn-in to ensure optimal performance.

We go beyond merely being another audio equipment dealer. At Vinshine Audio, we pride ourselves on being a customer-centric business, dedicated to providing exemplary customer service and continuously striving to enhance your experience as our valued customers.

Our Quality

Rest assured with our Peace of Mind Warranty! Although every component undergoes meticulous inspection and verification to ensure flawless functionality before being shipped to your doorstep, unforeseen issues can still arise. That's why we provide our Peace of Mind Warranty, offering coverage for any manufacturing defects for a period of three years from the date the product arrives at your door.

Please be aware that tampering with the product will render the warranty null and void.

This warranty policy applies to all products purchased from our Authorized Distributor. It's important to note that customers are responsible for any applicable import duties and taxes. For further details, please refer to the warranty terms provided by our Authorized Distributor.

Comprehensive Warranty Coverage

Here's a breakdown of the shipping and service fee responsibilities:

  • First 30 Days: Vinshine Audio will cover the shipping fees for both sending the product to the customer and returning it to Vinshine Audio if needed.

  • Within the First Year: Customers are responsible for covering the shipping fees for sending the product to Vinshine Audio. However, Vinshine Audio will cover the return shipping fees.

  • Within the Warranty Period: Customers are responsible for covering the shipping fees for both sending the product to Vinshine Audio and returning it. However, the manufacturer will provide free repair services.

  • Out of Warranty: Customers are responsible for covering the shipping fees for sending the product to Vinshine Audio and returning it. Additionally, the manufacturer will provide repair or maintenance services at a cost.

Please note these terms and conditions regarding shipping and service fees.

Who Covers Shipping And Service Fee

Vinshine Audio has established a network of Service Partners across the US, EU, and Asia to provide localized service support for customers residing in these regions.


This ensures that warranty support, servicing, and repairs can be efficiently carried out within each continent, resulting in shorter turnaround times and enhanced convenience for our valued customers.

Service Centre(s)

The warranty for products purchased from Vinshine Audio is transferable from the original owner to a second owner. However, to validate the warranty transfer, the original owner must initiate the process.


Please reach out to us at with the new owner's information and the serial number of the product.


Once received, we will process the warranty transfer and ensure that the coverage is applied accordingly.

Transferable Warranty